Liability Warning

Chicksands Bike Park is an extreme riding facility and all users face the risk of serious injury, physical and mental trauma or death whilst riding in the park.

All riders use the bike park strictly at their own risk and agree to these risks when taking out a membership with Chicksands Bike Park and riding in the Bike Park.

We ask that you approach your riding with due caution and ride within your limits and the limits of your equipment at all times

Safety Equipment

All Chicksands Bike Park riders must wear the minimum safety equipment of a cycle helmet meeting CE1078. We strongly recommend using a full face helmet and upper body armour in addition to full-finger gloves and knee/shin guards to provide an increased level of protection. If you do not have the right safety equipment you cannot ride in the park.

Rider Responsibilities

Riders have a "duty of care" to other riders, to not endanger them by careless actions or undertaking dangerous activities within the Bike Park such as walking back up trails or entering any areas clearly marked as "no entry".

Never ride trails that you feel are beyond your capability. We ask that all riders exercise common sense at all times and never ride alone in the park.

Trail Rules

  • Do not ride or walk back up a trail. Please use the footpaths to return to the top of the Bike Park.
  • Do not stop on a stunt or on the run-out of a trail as you may cause a serious accident to a rider coming down behind you.
  • Do not leave your bike in a trail's clear fall zone or blocking access to a trail gateway.
  • Will riders please show consideration for other riders by only riding trails in the direction that they are intended.
  • Do not cut across lines or an oncoming rider may collide with you and have a serious accident.
  • Do not skid; skidding frequently shows a lack of bike control and causes damage to the trail surface which adds the cost of maintaining the Bike Park.
  • When riding on a busy day, please try and keep the start gate area clear of your bike and bags.
  • Please show a consideration for other riders at all times and always be aware of other riders around you.
  • We won't tollerate drugs or alcohol at the trails.
  • Please don't use the trail as a toilet. There is a toilet in the lower car park.
  • Please place all of your litter in your bags and take home with you - littering will not be tolerated.
  • If you find any broken woodwork or blow-out dirt sections, please inform a member of staff immediately so that we can make repairs.
  • No trail building or alterations without the course managers approval and supervision.
  • Please respect the environment around the trails and do not attempt to remove or modify any bushes, plants or trees.
  • No climbing on trees
  • No camping
  • No barbecues
  • No Petrol powered vehicles
  • No fires.
  • Please show respect and be curtious to other woodland users.
  • No bikes are allowed to be ridden on the side of Sandy Lane car park at any time.

Your Bike

All riders should use a mountain bike suitable for the style of riding encountered in the Bike Park. Freeride invloves high impact landings, free drops and technical timber stunts.

Ideally riders should use Freeride, Downhill, Dirt Jump or Mountain bikes as Cross Country and Trail bikes may not withstand the stresses of using the Bike Park.

Riders must ensure that their bike is mechanically sound before riding in the Bike Park and that both front and rear brakes are working correctly.

Chicksands Bike Park accepts no liability for rider accidents or equipment damage caused by equipment failure - all riders accept responsibility for making sure that their bike is safe to ride in the park.