Why Become a Member?

Course building, trail clearing and way marking does not happen by magic and nor is it funded or undertaken by the Forestry Commission or any other public body. Chicksands Bike Park is responsible for this work, which takes time, effort and money. Our main source of income is from membership fees so it is important that people who regularly ride in the woodland do become members of Chicksands Bike Park.

In addition, Chicksands Bike Park pays an annual fee to the Forestry Commission as part of our commitment to general maintenance and upkeep of Rowney Warren.

We would also urge our members to help out on trail building and maintenance days when possible. Such days are advertised in advance on this web site.

How Much Does it Cost?

To ride just for the day :
A day ticket must be bought on arrival at the park from a Course Manager who will issue you with one ticket to ride for that day only. Day tickets are now required to ride on weekdays as well as weekends and bank holidays and this includes riding in the Bike Park.

Day Ticket cost :
Day tickets can be purchased at a price of £5 per rider regardless of age.
* Children aged 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Day tickets can also be purchased through paypal so you don't have to worry about bringing money with you or losing it whilst you ride.

Please remember to state what date you would like it issued for in the notes section otherwise it will not be accepted!

Print the payment and bring it as a reciept please.

Annual Membership :
Annual membership runs from January 1st to December 31st of every year and if you join after October you will receive membership for the following year inclusive.

Annual membership entitles you to ride at Chicksands Bike Park whenever you like with no other charges for the duration of the membership providing you can produce a membership card or band when required to do so. If you cannot, you will be required to buy a day ticket for that day.

Annual Membership Costs :

Senior (16 years old or over) - £75
Junior (15 years old or under) - £50
Family (maximum 2 senior and 2 junior) - £150

**Please note due to the number of fraudulent family memberships bought we have implemented 2 senior and 2 Junior coloured bands. Any senior caught with a junior band will be removed from the park immediately.**

Children aged 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

We also offer a Ticket Concession scheme for annual Junior individual membership, you can purchase and collect ten day tickets over a period of time. Please bring them to the Bike Park on a sunday to exchange for a membership band. 

All ten day tickets must be issued within the previous 6 months, issued on separate dates, to be eligible for the membership. 

Payment Methods :

Annual membership can be paid for by cheque, cash, paypal. You can do this by post or online.. If you have any questions regarding payment please contact the membership secretary from our contact us page

Memberships given on site will only be obtainable with cash payment

Please note payment with Paypal will give you instant receipt of payment until you recieve your band. No waiting around and no more tickets to buy until recieved!



Please Contact Us if you have any questions.